New Deer Repellent on trial.

New Deer Repellent on trial. Hunters please do not shoot collared deer.

OSPRI and Landcare Research are trialling the bait this winter(2019) as part of the planning for further operations in Molesworth in 2020.


  • OSPRI are adapting planned aerial 1080 operations in the Clarence and Awatere Valleys (North Canterbury and South Marlborough respectively) to accommodate the research
  • In late April,  44 deer (half in Clarence West-Waiautoa where deer repellent bait is being trialed, half in Upper Awatere where standard bait is being used) will be radio-collared
  • The aerial 1080 operations will be flown sometime after 10 May, depending on weather conditions
  • It is vital to the success of the project that no radio-collared deer are shot and that any radio-collared deer found dead are left untouched
  • Collared deer may not stay in the trial area
  • 50 possums will be radio-collared in Kekerengu and Waiautoa to ensure bait effectiveness

OSPRI are seeking cooperation from hunters going into the trial area or nearby not to shoot any radio-collared deer as inadvertent deaths can jeopardise the success of the trial. All access routes in to the area will carry warning signs about not shooting radio-collared deer. A successful trial is essential for testing the efficacy of both the bait and the repellent.


For further details and maps of the trial areas download the attached factsheet.