Request for Proposal - Contract provision of services to the Game Animal Council

The GAC is seeking proposals from established suppliers who have the capability, experience and infrastructure to deliver the services outlined below, under a delivery and service level agreement with the GAC.

The term of any agreement will end on 30 June 2019. No assurance as to any right of renewal can be provided at this time.

The successful proposer will have a track record of successful delivery of services and projects with similarities to those being sought by the GAC. That includes: a good understanding of central government processes for statutory bodies, skills in working with stakeholders with diverse interests; and an appreciation of the relevant compliance and regulatory frameworks.

This is an open Request for Proposal.

To-date, Councillors have been directly involved in delivery of the GAC’s statutory functions as well as performing their governance responsibilities. The GAC is now seeking to engage the services of a contractor to oversee the administrative aspects of the GAC and deliver some selected operational priorities.  Broadly the following services are required:

  • Management of administrative support services to the GAC
  • Management of the planning and reporting responsibilities of the GAC, in accordance with the Crown Entities Act
  • Development of a GAC funding strategy proposal
  • Compilation of a Stakeholder Engagement and Communications Plan, and management of its implementation as determined by the GAC
  • Undertaking certain projects relating to a) game herd management and b) hunter safety and education
  • Development of a specification and proposal for a fit-for-purpose information management system to support the GAC’s needs for data management and web-based communications.

In the interest of adopting the most efficient and effective service procurement option, the GAC has a preference for one supplier, and one point of contact, covering the full range of services.

RFP Documentation can be downloaded HERE