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Draft National Policy Statement for Indigenous Biodiversity – July 2022

Our submission on the Draft National Policy Statement for Indigenous Biodiversity…READ MORE

Briefing to the Incoming Minister of Conservation 2022

Our briefing to the new Minister of Conservation is available HERE.

Next Council Meeting

Friday 26 August 2022 at the North Canterbury Fish and Game Council Office, 595 Johns Rd, Harewood, Christchurch.

Conservation Management and Processes Consultation

Our submission on DOC’s consultation to improve conservation management planning and the permissions system…READ MORE

Introducing Te Ara ki Mua

A framework for adaptive management of wild goats, deer, wild pigs, tahr, and chamois…READ MORE

GAC advice on Tahr Control Operational Plan 2022-2023

The Game Animal Council’s advice to the Department of Conservation to assist in development of the Himalayan Tahr Control Operational Plan (TCOP) 2022-2023.

Lake Sumner deer management programme a success

A pilot management project has successfully removed 126 breeding hinds from the Lake Sumner Recreational Hunting Area (RHA). More on the project can be found here.

2021 Annual Report

Our 2020-21 Annual Report is now publicly available HERE

Deer management funding welcomed

The Game Animal Council is welcoming $30 million allocated in Budget 2022 to implementing the Aotearoa New Zealand Biodiversity Strategy: Deer Management and Goat Control…READ MORE