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Speech to 73rd NZDA Conference

Game Animal Council General Manager Tim Gale addressed the 2021 NZDA Conference. Read his speech HERE.

Proposals for New Regulations Under the Arms Act 1983 (Phase One)

The GAC has submitted advice to Police on proposed regulations intended to give effect to the changes in the Arms Legislation Act 2020 relating to types of dealer activities, conditions on dealers’ licences, security for firearms (including in vehicles), ammunition sales and the secure storage of ammunition and the marking of firearm parts…READ MORE

Impending commencement of Molesworth possum control operation

Vector Free Marlborough Limited (VFML) has provided notification of an upcoming aerial possum control operation in the Molesworth (Bush Gully & Tarndale) project area scheduled to start on 15 May 2021…READ MORE

2021-22 tahr plan reflects pragmatic management approach

The Game Animal Council (GAC) is welcoming the release of the Himalayan Tahr Control Operational Plan 2021-2022 as a pragmatic approach to tahr management but remains committed to developing a long-term management programme for New Zealand’s tahr…READ MORE

Tahr hunters contributing to kea conservation

The NZ Tahr Foundation, Kea Conservation Trust and Game Animal Council have collaborated to develop the Tahr Ballot Kea Sightings Project…READ MORE

Consultation on new firearms regulations

Recently legislated changes to the Arms Act come into force on 24 June 2021 and require a number of regulatory changes to determine how they work in practice. This is your chance to have your say on them…READ MORE

Looking after our game animals and their habitat

The Game Animal Council has launched an online resource to help hunters implement good game animal management practices and achieve beneficial hunting and conservation outcomes…READ MORE

Are you roar ready?

The Game Animal Council is reminding hunters to be well prepared ahead of their autumn hunting trips by making sure they are ‘roar ready’…READ MORE

Sika deer project to benefit hunting and conservation

The hunting sector is developing a proposal for a science-based management programme for sika deer in the Kaimanawa and Kaweka Forest Parks that will benefit both hunting and conservation…READ MORE

Kawarau-Remarkables Conservation Areas reclassification

The GAC considers reclassification of the Kawarau/Remarkables stewardship lands would be best served by the creation of a new Conservation Park…READ MORE

African Swine Fever

African Swine Fever is spreading around the world and presents a threat to pig hunting in NZ…READ MORE

Crown Pastoral Land Reform Bill

The GAC’s submission on this important piece of legislation and the importance of public access to the conservation estate…READ MORE

Game Animal Council welcomes extra effort to process firearms licenses

The Game Animal Council (GAC) has welcomed a commitment from the NZ Police to put more resources towards processing outstanding firearms licenses…READ MORE

Game Animal Council working to improve new rules for firearms users

The Game Animal Council (GAC) is applying its expertise in the use of firearms for hunting to work alongside Police, other agencies and stakeholder groups to improve the compliance provisions for hunters and other firearms users…READ MORE