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Next meeting of the Game Animal Council

10 June 2022. Deerstalkers House, 3 Collina Terrace, Thorndon, Wellington. Public attendance welcome

2021 Annual Report

Our 2020-21 Annual Report is now publicly available HERE

Deer management funding welcomed

The Game Animal Council is welcoming $30 million allocated in Budget 2022 to implementing the Aotearoa New Zealand Biodiversity Strategy: Deer Management and Goat Control…READ MORE

Third consultation on 2018 WARO land access recommendations

The Game Animal Council’s submission on the  2018 Wild Animal Recovery Operations (WARO) land access recommendations, including our recommendations for a comprehensive review of the WARO system…READ MORE

Proposals for new regulations under the Arms Act 1983 (Phase Two) – Shooting clubs and ranges – Submission

The Game Animal Council’s submission on Police’s proposal for new regulations for shooting clubs and ranges…READ MORE

Lake Sumner Deer Management Project

The GAC, DOC and NZDA are implementing a deer management project in the Lake Sumner RHA…READ MORE

NZ Red Stag Ageing Guide

Free to download, the NZ Red Stag Ageing Guide helps hunters to identify a few key characteristics to accurately judge the age of red deer stags while out in the field…DOWNLOAD HERE

Look after your mates this Roar

The Game Animal Council is encouraging hunters to take all the necessary safety precautions to look after their mates during the upcoming Roar…READ MORE