Success is when by our actions as hunters we are actively managing our game animal herds to achieve a healthy habitat, healthy meat animals and where younger males get the opportunity to develop into mature trophy-class animals. Success is also an ecosystem where native species can thrive alongside a quality game animal herd.

Hunters know the importance of target identification when it comes to hunter safety. It is also extremely important when it comes to game animal management. Being able to assess the age and potential of a male game animal and be willing to let it go if it hasn’t yet reached maturity is a successful hunting decision. If enough of us do this we will ensure a good number of high quality mature males for the future.

If you are hunting red deer, you can download our NZ Red Stag Ageing Guide, which provides you valuable information on how to age red deer stags.

Success is also making sure we do our bit to include more yearling and breeding-age females in what we target. Harvesting animals in this way will mean there are a greater number of more mature males competing for fewer but highly-receptive females, which will make for outstanding rut hunting!

By doing the right thing for the herd and its habitat, hunters can be rewarded with better hunting in a better-balanced ecosystem.

Looking After Our Game Animals