A framework for adaptive management of wild goats, deer, wild pigs, tahr, and chamois

The GAC has worked with DOC on giving effect to Te Mana o te Taiao Aotearoa New Zealand Biodiversity Strategy 2020 (ANZBS). The ANZBS recognises game animals (deer, tahr, chamois and wild pigs) as valued introduced species and balances the need to manage them to improve conservation outcomes with the recreational, cultural and economic resource benefits these animals provide.

Te Ara ki Mua is the framework that supports the implementation of Te Mana o te Taiao – Aotearoa New Zealand Biodiversity Strategy. Te Ara ki Mua ensures a balanced, realistic and progressive approach to the management of game animals and provides the opportunity to create enduring solutions through regional and site-based management programmes that involve local communities, including hunters.

The Framework will improve monitoring, delivery and evaluation of game animal management and goat control. It will also help coordinate efforts and enhance capacity across the people, organisations, and agencies involved.

Please find the framework below (open the link for a better quality version) and on the DOC website.