GAC Mission Statement:

“Sustainable management of game animals and hunting for recreation, commerce and conservation.”


In 2024 the Game Animal Council is a national game animal management organisation undertaking management of people and animals to the benefit of all stakeholders. It works cooperatively both within the hunting sector and, as importantly, with those outside hunting circles. In being effective, the GAC is openly communicative and democratic, with a sound structure and governance, backed by appropriate legislation and as far as practical is self-funded. It is accountable to its stakeholders and produces better outcomes for them; is respected for its balanced advocacy based on good science and research, and gives authoritative advice.

Recreational hunters are adequately trained in safe hunting practices, understand the role of hunting, and their responsibilities, together with the conservation of indigenous species. They have good information on where to hunt and how to hunt successfully. Recreational hunters are complemented by a sustainable commercial harvest of game animals. Hunting guides and game estates provide clients with safe, quality hunting experiences.

The full 5-year Strategic Plan is here

Statements of Performance Expectations

Statement of Performance Expectations 2021-22

Statement of Performance Expectations 2020-21

Statement of Performance Expectations 2019-20