Tahr Management update

DoC has commenced tahr culling in the Northern Exclusion Zone – where judas tahr have been a key tool in that control work. DOC work from now through to the end of June will concentrate on the Northern and Southern Exclusion zones and other pockets of animals beyond the defined feral range to prevent range expansion. No DOC culling has been undertaken in the management units since the announcement of the tahr programme recommencing (and will not until 1 July). Any activity in the management units will be from AATH operators or Zero Invasive Predators undertaking tahr recovery. So hunters can plan their tahr rut hunts till the 1st of July on the basis that there has not and will not be any DOC culling until then.

Tahr Control Operational Plan: October 2018 – August 2019 (dated 18 October 2018) version 1.1

Map of tahr management units

In the following  videos GAC Councillor Prof Geoff Kerr describes how DoC has estimated the number of tahr.