New Game Animal Councillors appointed – 13 August 2020

The Minister of Conservation has appointed five new councillors and a new Chair to the New Zealand Game Animal Council…READ MORE

Valued introduced species included in Biodiversity Strategy – 11 August 2020

The New Zealand Game Animal Council welcomes the inclusion of valued introduced species into Te Mana o Te Taiao – Aotearoa New Zealand Biodiversity Strategy 2020READ MORE

DOC announces tahr cull at eleventh hour – 1 July 2020

The Game Animal Council is extremely disappointed at DOC’s failure to carry out meaningful consultation with the hunting sector when it comes to managing tahr…READ MORE

DOC Tahr Plan based on hazy science could cost jobs – 29 June 2020

DOC’s 2020-2021 Draft Tahr Control Operational Plan as presented to the Tahr Plan Implementation Liaison Group is not founded on adequate science and is a departure from plans previously supported by the hunting sector…READ MORE

Hunters demonised by government ad – 21 June 2020

The Game Animal Council is concerned that a new government ad campaign aimed to keep children safe online unnecessarily demonises hunting…READ MORE

Wild venison and jobs for Kiwis in need – 15 June 2020

The Fiordland Wapiti Foundation, Game Animal Council, and Department of Conservation (DOC) are partnering to provide 18,000kg of free-range wild Fiordland venison to New Zealand foodbanks and families in need…READ MORE

Perth Valley tahr trial a success – 21 May 2020

Zero Invasive Predators (ZIP) and the Game Animal Council have released findings from a research programme to assess tahr survivorship through the Perth River predator removal operation…READ MORE

Hunting industry requires domestic support – 20 May 2020

New Zealand’s guided hunting industry has been severely impacted by COVID-19 and is appealing for support from domestic hunters looking for a unique hunting experience…READ MORE

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