It is important for GAC Councillors and staff to engage with the wider New Zealand hunting community and discuss how we can help advocate for the sector, improve hunting opportunities and contribute to good conservation outcomes. Participating in sector events and communicating with our stakeholders are important ways of doing that.

Sika Show

Unfortunately the 2020 and 2021 Sika Shows didn’t take place due to COVID-19, however the 2022 show is on and will be a fantastic opportunity to talk to hunters about what we do. Our Councillors and staff really value the opportunity to discuss the issues important to hunters as those discussions help us to advocate on behalf of the sector. The Show is also a great chance to engage with sector organisations such as the Sika Foundation, NZDA, Fiordland Wapiti Foundation, the NZ Tahr Foundation and DOC, as well as the Minister of Conservation and other stakeholders.

More information about the 29-30 October 2022 show is available here.


Members of the Game Animal Council regularly attend and participate in the New Zealand Deerstalkers Association’s Annual Conference, which in 2022 was held in Hamilton. General Manage Tim Gale gave a presentation on the GAC’s Hunter Safety and Education Programme development and the Te Ara ki Mua wild animal management strategy, which is available here. Tim and GAC councillors also regularly present to NZDA branches and meet with members.

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