ZIP Aerial Possum Control – Perth Valley non-toxic prefeed bait application – 17 June 2019

Zero Invasive Predators (ZIP) intend to begin non-toxic prefeed baiting, via aerial application, at the Perth River valley in South Westland as part of Phase Two of their predator removal operation…READ MORE

OSPRI Aerial Possum Control – Project Southern Ruapehu – 14 June 2019

OSPRI New Zealand is planning an aerial operation to target possums in the Ruapehu area during Winter/Spring 2019…READ MORE

Commencement of Awatere aerial possum control – 5 June 2019

Vector Free Marlborough Limited has advised us that it will be commencing the aerial application of toxic bait to the Upper Awatere South control area in Marlborough, from daylight on Saturday 8 June 2019…READ MORE

Review of Walking Access Act – 28 May 2019

MPI is reviewing the Walking Access Act.

It is important they hear from people interested in access to the outdoors. The Act is about increasing free access to tracks, trails and other areas for all sorts of recreation associated with walking – including hunting and fishing…READ MORE

Firearms buy-back scheme update – 24 May 2019

The NZ Police have requested the GAC pass on important information to firearms owners in relation to the buy-back scheme…READ MORE

African Swine Fever – 12 May 2019

A major outbreak of African Swine Fever (ASF) is occurring in Europe and Asia. Many wild boar in these countries have become infected and most die and is a risk to NZ…READ MORE