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Monitoring a sika deer population with trail cameras to assess survival following 1080 baiting


Ruahine Forest Park (RFP) Recreational Hunters’ Survey

Geoff Kerr 12 September 2017

Results Summary of survey carried out from 23 February 2017 to 2 July 2017


Ecologically based policy evaluation: application to ungulate management in New Zealand (2006)

Kenneth F.D. Hughey a,*, Graham J. Hickling b
a Environment, Society and Design Division, Lincoln University, PO Box 84, Lincoln 7647, Canterbury, New Zealand
b College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, The University of Tennessee, 350 Plant Sciences Biotechnology Building,
2505 E J Chapman Drive, Knoxville, TN 37996-4500, USA

Management of Himalayan Tahr in New Zealand - High Country Farming Perspectives and Implications (August 2005)

Kenneth F.D. Hughey and Karen M. Wason

To hunt and return -developing safe hunting practice

This paper analyses the deaths of 33 deer hunters, shot by other deer hunters while hunting in the New Zealand bush. The shot is identified as the
culminating event that is preceded by a number of contributing factors. Those factors are outlined and a range of protective behaviours listed.
These are specific to deer hunting and, taken together with the New Zealand Arms Code, provide suggestions for minimizing the occurrence of these tragic incidents.